Strange Days In Black


i decided to look up the original mad world because i had never heard it and at one point in the video one of the other dudes in tears for fears just starts going hard while standing on a dock






of, relating to, or resembling a bat.

Etymology: Latin vespertilio - bat, from vesper - evening; the evening star.

[Caitlin Hackett]


Ivan Solyaev’s ghosts

Ivan Solyaev is an artist hailing from Moscow, Russia. Solyaev’s work truly is haunting and beautiful, not to mention cold, like the ghosts of winter.

Bela Lugosi as Dracula (1931)

Bela Lugosi as Dracula (1931)


What you see here are the first 5 copies of ”SOME WEAR LEATHER, SOME WEAR LACE”, with a 22cm/22cm size and a thickness of about 2,5cm. The cover is a paperback and inside there are thick ‘drawing’ type of pages with a lot of photos of 1980s goths/postpunks/wavers. The main text tells us about the story of ‘goth’ from the beginning till its ‘death’ in the late 1980s. Including interviews, thoughts and memories of original goths and bands such as Clan of Xymox (NL), Kirlian Camera (IT), Opéra de Nuit (FR), F.O System (HU), Pin Ups (FIN) &  Alien Sex Fiend (UK)

Handpainted by Jezebel.

Handpainted by Jezebel.



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